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Mako, Director of The Ancient Order of Sidewalks

help_japan Auctions from Minkland folks!

G'day Kiddies, as we all know, Japan has been walloped by the trifecta of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear woes of late. LJ and fandom in their wonderful way has jumped in to raise funds for relief. And minkland folks have also jumped on the bandwagon!

Below is a list of offers from minkland folks in the help_japan community auctions. Go have a look because there is some great stuff up for grabs, by some really brilliant folks!

luckykitty (yay!) is offering up Fanfiction. And Art!
shusu (also yay!) is offering up Fiction. And more fiction!
llamajoy (even more yay!) is offering up Fiction.
tenshi_no_korin (really even more yay!) is offering up The mother-load of Fiction! (details in her thread)
jo_mako (boo! lol) is offering up Handmade Jewellery.

If you're a Minklander or even a friend of, and want to add your own auction to this list, just post a comment or pm me with a link to your thread(s) and I will GLADLY add them! Let's help the Anime Mother Land!

ETA: Even more fun stuff from minklanders and mates of minklanders!

mind_the_tardis is offering a tarot reading.
armistice_day is offering an original watercolour of your favourite fruit.
foxysquid is also offering a watercolour painting.
wendymr is offering fanfiction.

You a Doctor Who fan too? A whole bunch of them have listings here, you mind find interesting. Also there is Another listing of things here too!

minkland's very original urdsama also has an auction on ebay for a bitching Retro-Batgirl watercolour she did. All proceeds from the winning bid go to Japan relief.
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