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Weeping softly

My People!! 

I don't see any new posts, so I will just have to add one of my own.

I have missed Minkland!

This is Nova.

Wow, it has been almost Ten years since the last time I met up with the girls at Yoaicon.

Life tore me off in a totally different direction.  I went from a lonely little Mink obsessed fic writer.  To a business owner, wife, & mother.  The wonderful people of this community gave me the confidence to spread my wings and go out into the world.  I owe you all so much.

As I said, I was a little obsessed with the community for a while.  So I have posted the 123 images I saved.  I believe they were all posted on the community website, but a few rogues may have slipped in.  I can tell you they are all by Minkettes.  I did not upload my extensive P.L. Nunn collection.  Her work can be found on her website

Here is the link to my pics:

Miss you,
Love Nova
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