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[Fic] A Vibe by Mink

And another sorta domestic Ronins, sorta? As I go on in my fic adventures it will only get worse. I promise.

Title: A Vibe
Author: Mink
Rating: PG - Gen - Humor (Pairings: My usual. Seiji&Ryo Sai&Rowan (its just how i roll) (But I'm actually gettin to realize that in my fic, unless the sex is sex-ing, these guys don't act really outside of brothers. So just look out for ratings.)
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Summary: Explain yourself. Always. Fish make terrible choices.

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merry dean-mus

[Fic] The Dilemma by Mink

Just a head's up if anyone is still watching this LJ. I've been writing random 'scenes', mini fix as it were and will be posting them here. This is my first one:

Title: The Dilemma
Author: Mink
Rating: PG - Gen - Humor (Pairings: My usual. Seiji&Ryo 4evar!! hahah<3
Spoilers: General (for all aired episodes)
Summary: It's the little things that can frack up your day.

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Weeping softly

My People!! 

I don't see any new posts, so I will just have to add one of my own.

I have missed Minkland!

This is Nova.

Wow, it has been almost Ten years since the last time I met up with the girls at Yoaicon.

Life tore me off in a totally different direction.  I went from a lonely little Mink obsessed fic writer.  To a business owner, wife, & mother.  The wonderful people of this community gave me the confidence to spread my wings and go out into the world.  I owe you all so much.

As I said, I was a little obsessed with the community for a while.  So I have posted the 123 images I saved.  I believe they were all posted on the community website, but a few rogues may have slipped in.  I can tell you they are all by Minkettes.  I did not upload my extensive P.L. Nunn collection.  Her work can be found on her website

Here is the link to my pics:

Miss you,
Love Nova

The Minkland FanFiction Archive.

G'day Kiddies!

3daysout deserves a handjob...or three. She was very kind enough to comment to another post, with a link that contains a good chunk of the old Minkland Archive, that used to be hosted on dreamhost. It isn't complete, but a lot of it is there!

So if you've been pining for the good old days of Ronin Yaoi nummies, may I suggest that you get your arses over here and relive the glory holes days!

So a mucho mahalo to 3daysout! take a bow mate, you deserve it. ^^

ETA: Also...if you don't mind a bit of work for your porn (or hysterics...I was reading some of Adam's shite...and shite based on Adam's exploits in real life) then go here! When you click on a link, it will tell you the page doesn't hell it doesn't... Replace the, with .org and read away! (thanking you twistedusia and blade_kun for the link and tips on how to get it to bloody work! they deserve handjobs too!)

examples of how to do this shite.

1) (bad link)

2) (fixed link! that in this case, leads to some of the funniest shite I have ever read...and is based on true events...only the names have been changed.)

This way is a bit more work, but it does have more fanfic available. The link I mentioned above, provided by 3daysout will actually let you wander about the minkland site more.
no shame

please, please, please?

does anyone have a functional link to the Minkland DJ archive or a zip file of the content or bits and pieces of the content?? I am looking for a serious fix on ST and can not find ANYTHING anymore... too sad... I'm a huge fan of Laim if anyone would be willing to share...

RW fan since 1994. Yeah, that's right over 15 years. damn I'm getting old.
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help_japan Auctions from Minkland folks!

G'day Kiddies, as we all know, Japan has been walloped by the trifecta of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear woes of late. LJ and fandom in their wonderful way has jumped in to raise funds for relief. And minkland folks have also jumped on the bandwagon!

Below is a list of offers from minkland folks in the help_japan community auctions. Go have a look because there is some great stuff up for grabs, by some really brilliant folks!

luckykitty (yay!) is offering up Fanfiction. And Art!
shusu (also yay!) is offering up Fiction. And more fiction!
llamajoy (even more yay!) is offering up Fiction.
tenshi_no_korin (really even more yay!) is offering up The mother-load of Fiction! (details in her thread)
jo_mako (boo! lol) is offering up Handmade Jewellery.

If you're a Minklander or even a friend of, and want to add your own auction to this list, just post a comment or pm me with a link to your thread(s) and I will GLADLY add them! Let's help the Anime Mother Land!

ETA: Even more fun stuff from minklanders and mates of minklanders!

mind_the_tardis is offering a tarot reading.
armistice_day is offering an original watercolour of your favourite fruit.
foxysquid is also offering a watercolour painting.
wendymr is offering fanfiction.

You a Doctor Who fan too? A whole bunch of them have listings here, you mind find interesting. Also there is Another listing of things here too!

minkland's very original urdsama also has an auction on ebay for a bitching Retro-Batgirl watercolour she did. All proceeds from the winning bid go to Japan relief.