Mink (minkmix) wrote in minkland,

Minkland: The Gathering

Yup, we're holding an impromptu convention of our own after the new year and YOU are invited....

Where: Orlando, FL -Home to some kickmass rides-o-entertainment.
When: Jan (?)8- 12 2009
How: We'd like to get at least ten of us guys solid to commit so we can rent one of the "villas" so we can all hang in one spot... commune style! A kitchen to offset eating prices, and plenty of great odd-peak season deals that could make this endeavor pretty affordable all around.

Are you interested? Then now is the time to start tossing your name in the hat so we can figure out what type of place we should be shopping for!

Cool days (unsweltering) at the parks, fun evenings in catching up on old times! It'll be a blast,I promise...and if your company bores you, you have 10000 theme parkas to get lost in. XD Nothing is set stone as of now but mid-Jan is were we are aiming (before Jan 20th)... now we just just gotta hone down to exactly how many people are serious.

Post here with inquiries if you don't mind....

More updates up! :)

*watch this space*

(and spread the word)
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