Mako, Director of The Ancient Order of Sidewalks (jo_mako) wrote in minkland,
Mako, Director of The Ancient Order of Sidewalks

The Minkland FanFiction Archive.

G'day Kiddies!

3daysout deserves a handjob...or three. She was very kind enough to comment to another post, with a link that contains a good chunk of the old Minkland Archive, that used to be hosted on dreamhost. It isn't complete, but a lot of it is there!

So if you've been pining for the good old days of Ronin Yaoi nummies, may I suggest that you get your arses over here and relive the glory holes days!

So a mucho mahalo to 3daysout! take a bow mate, you deserve it. ^^

ETA: Also...if you don't mind a bit of work for your porn (or hysterics...I was reading some of Adam's shite...and shite based on Adam's exploits in real life) then go here! When you click on a link, it will tell you the page doesn't hell it doesn't... Replace the, with .org and read away! (thanking you twistedusia and blade_kun for the link and tips on how to get it to bloody work! they deserve handjobs too!)

examples of how to do this shite.

1) (bad link)

2) (fixed link! that in this case, leads to some of the funniest shite I have ever read...and is based on true events...only the names have been changed.)

This way is a bit more work, but it does have more fanfic available. The link I mentioned above, provided by 3daysout will actually let you wander about the minkland site more.
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